Sea change consultancy
& supervision service

Sea Change provides consultancy and supervision to a range of statutory and voluntary agencies where staff work directly with perpetrators or victims.

We are well aware of the impact of domestic violence work especially where there is contact with victims or perpetrators and we use our experience to enable workers to manage some of the key issues that are likely to arise- both professional and personal.

Consultancy and supervision does not happen in a vacuum and the service we provide is always informed by the organisational, professional and ethical context in which this work is delivered.

We offer a service using a clear consultancy model that:

  • Responds to the needs of staff, individually or in groups
  • Promotes personal and professional development
  • Raises understanding and awareness
  • Promotes the wider-perspective and inter-professional communication
  • Prevents “burn-out”

We would be delighted to hear from you and develop a service to suit the needs of your organisation
and your staff.

Contact Anne Haynes for further information